Here you can find an overview of our current and past conferences at the Institute of Musicology.


Ongoing conferences:

Conference: Narrating Musicology - 1.-4. October 2020

Narrating Musicology: Reviewing the history/histories of musicology

In November 1996, a musicological colloquium was held at University of Bern under the title 'Musikwissenschaft - eine verspätete Disziplin?' (‘Musicology - a Delayed Discipline?’). The discussions and outcomes that took place were then published four years later in an anthology of the same title, edited by Anselm Gerhard. More than twenty years later, and in light of the upcoming 100 years’ anniversary of the Institute of Musicology, Bern, which will take place in 2021, we now take the opportunity to once again reflect on these issues. The conference aims to provide a platform where discussions can happen across different generations and between the various sub-disciplines of musicology, music theory and music pedagogy.