Institut für Musikwissenschaft

Institut für Musikwissenschaft

Conference: The "African Operatic Voice" - Opera and Music Theatre in Africa and the African Diaspora

8th -10th September 2023

Preliminary conference schedule and further information

We are delighted to announce that our conference "The African Operatic Voice" will take place from 8-10 September 2023 in Bern. We are able to provide a preliminary conference schedule that might still undergo some change.

For the free registration please send us an e-mail to and please let us know whether you would like to attend online or on site. There will be a link for the online participation that will be sent shortly before the conference.

Uni Mittelstrasse
Mittelstrasse 43
3012 Bern
Room 124

How to get to Bern
Travelling to Bern by train is the most convenient and often fastest way. Coming from Geneva Airport the train ride takes about 2h and from Zurich airport or Basel EuroAirport about 1,5h. For train schedules visit

How to get to the location
Bus stop "Mittelstrasse" (bus nr. 20 direction "Länggasse") / 15min walking distance from the station