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Dissertationsprojekt von Tin Cugelj


  • "Serafino Razzi's Storia di Raugia or How Renaissance Dubrovnik (Had Not?) Heard Polyphony in February 1588: Towards a Liturgical Reconstruction of the Feast of Saint Blaise", Arti musices, vol. 51, no. 2 (2020), 221-265. <>
  • "Ad sonum campanæ et tubæ: Power-Reflecting Sonic Elements of Renaissance Dubrovnik", in: Sounds of Power, edited by Margret Scharrer, Tül Demirbas̨, and Cristina Urchueguía (upcoming, 2022)

Conference presentations

  • “The Trombone in Renaissance Croatia”, individual presentation at 47th Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, 3-6 July 2019, Basel, Switzerland
  • “Serafino Razzi’s Storia di Raugia or How Renaissance Dubrovnik (Had Not?) Heard Polyphonic Mass on 3rd of February 1588”, individual presentation at 48th Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, 1-4 July 2020, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (online)
  • Ad sonum campanæ et tubæ: Power-Reflecting Sonic Elements of Renaissance Dubrovnik”, individual presentation at Between Court and City: Soundscapes of Power in East and West (15th to 17th Centuries), 5 February 2021, Bern, Switzerland (online)
  • Ad laude, gloria et commemoracion del cessar della pestilentia: The Corpus Christi Procession in the Republic of Dubrovnik” as a part of a themed session (Music Exchanges Across the Corrupting Sea) on 49th Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, 5-9 July 2021, Lisbon, Portugal
  • "The Sound of Peace, Prosperity, and Bliss: Historical Soundscape(s) of the Republic of Dubrovnik (Ragusa) from Mid-Fourteenth Century to the Great Earthquake of 1667", individual paper at the 21st Quinquennial Congress of the International Musicological Society, August 22-26, 2022, Athens, Greece
  • late middle ages and Renaissance sacred polyphonic music
  • historical soundscapes
  • southeastern Europe music history (early modern period)
  • aspects of Renaissance and Baroque performance practice
2019 PhD candidate in Historical Musicology, University of Bern 
2017-2019 MA in Historical Trombones, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Basel 
2012-2017 BA and MA in Trombone Performance, Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia