Swiss National Sound Archives

The Swiss National Sound Archives is responsible for safeguarding the sound heritage of our country. Created in 1987 as a foundation under private law, the Phonotheque was integrated with the Federal Office of Culture as "Swiss National Sound Archives Section" of the Swiss National Library in January 2016.
The Swiss National Sound Archives collects and catalogs audio documents that have a relationship with the Swiss history and culture. The collection is broad and varied, including recordings of classical, rock, jazz, and folk music, audio books, theater plays, interviews, research documents, or private collections.

The Insitute of Musicology has access to all digitized sound documents of the Swiss National Sound Archives through the audio systems at the sound archive (Mittelstrasse 43, room 048). Additional collections, such as the ones of the Schweizer Radio DRS (until 2000), can also be accessed.

Catalogue of the Swiss National Sound Archives

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