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100% Assistenzprofessur mit tenure track

Zum 1. Januar 2022 ist am Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Bern eine Assistenzprofessur mit Tenure Track zu besetzen. Bewerbungen mit Anschreiben, Curriculum Vitae, kurzer Skizze des Habilitationsprojektes bzw. des gleichwertigen wissenschaftlichen Projektes, Verzeichnis der Publikationen und ein- bis zweiseitiges Lehrkonzept mit Liste der Lehrveranstaltungen, Lehrevaluationen, Liste der eingeworbenen Drittmittel, Angaben über bisherige Tätigkeiten und die Mitarbeit in akademischen Gremien sind elektronisch bis am 30. November 2020 einzureichen.

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Conference 17.-18. September 2021

Conference Choral Life in Switzerland, 19th-21st Century

Switzerland is a country with intense choral life. The report Singing Europe, published by the European Choral Association in 2015, indicates that 7,2% of the Swiss population sang in a choir in 2008. Despite this significance, the study of choral life in Switzerland and its implications is almost entirely neglected in current scholarship. This two-day conference aims to foster interdisciplinary discussions about choral life in Switzerland from the 19th century to our days. It expects to contribute to a better understanding of activities and traditions that have had and still have far-reaching influences on musical and social aspects but have hardly been researched so far.

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Narrating Musicology: Reviewing the history/histories of musicology

Narrating Musicology: Reviewing the history/histories of musicology

We are very sad to announce that, due to the developments in context of the Covid-19-pandemic, we have to postpone our conference to 2021. The new date for Narrating Musicology is 5 – 8 September 2021.

Transcultural Hip-Hop

Transcultural Hip-Hop: Constructing and Contesting Identity, Space, and Place in the Americas and beyond

Almost fifty years after its birth, hip-hop is considered a truly global phenomenon that combines elements of uniformity with local symbols and expressions regarding musical forms, lyrics, performances, and social content. This conference aims to focus on the transcultural, inter-ethnic and diasporic exchanges that created hip-hop and helped to spread it within the US and beyond. The conference (28.-30.10.21) asks how identity markers bound by ethnic, cultural, and spatial categories are being negotiated in hip-hop. While concentrating on the Americas, the conference will also include papers that focus on other world regions and on transregional entanglements.