Student representatives / Fachschaft

Every student at the Institute of Musicology is a member of the Fachschaft. They are represented by the student representatives who take care of potential issues and problems of the students. Suggestions are therefore always welcome.

The student representatives organize stands at the fresher's day, take part in the conferences of the institute, where they can additionally influence the planing of future courses, and takes care of parties and events during the semester.

The Fachschaft also operates a mailinglist where they inform members about upcoming events, such as guest presentations, parties or other events in Bern. You can sign up here

The student representatives have also organized the subscription to magazines (which you can find at the library Mittelstrasse) and discounts at certain music stores. They are also cooperating with the Hochschule der Künste, where students of the Institute of Musicology can sign up for classes on music theory (e. g. ear training).

Every student who is interested in being involved is welcome to join the student representatives!

You can reach us at

Function Person(s)
President Thomas Tschudin
Vice President Viviane Sonderegger
Cashier Samira Diem
Public Relations Noémie Felber 
Representatives Nicole Nyffenegger

David Stöckli

Youri Zwahlen