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Dissertationsprojekt von Mahdi Al-Tashly

Musical Instruments in Greater Syria In the 19th Century

Greater Syria in the nineteenth century refers to the region that was under the Ottoman rule for almost four centuries (1516-1918), and is now Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

This study aims to document and describe extant popular musical instruments from Greater Syria that were common during the 19th century, regarding their origin and the shape and the places where the researcher found these instruments dating back to this time. Indeed, many musical instruments have been found in museums, documents, catalogues and other sources, they will be presented and discussed in this dissertation.

“Musical Instruments in Greater Syria in the 19th Century” is divided into three sections:

  • String Instruments such as Oud
  • Wind Instruments such as Nay
  • Percussion instruments such as Darbuka

In addition, this study includes several topics such as heritage, songs, and music of Greater Syria.


Finally, this dissertation is the first documentation of musical instruments from the 19th century in Greater Syria and is an important reference, especially as the Middle East is going through wars and crises that led to the destruction and loss of many legacies.