The Institute of Musicology

Musical losses of Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war (2014-…)

Ukraine gained independence in 1991 without bloodshed. It was a daydream that Russia should allow any former Soviet republics to gain freedom so easily.

At the end of 2013, the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity began; utilizing the political instability in Ukraine, in February-March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea. In the Spring of 2014, Russia invaded eastern Ukraine. Another phase of the Russia-Ukraine war developed radically in 2022. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine from six sides, and this conflict phase is ongoing.

This opus aims to show the destruction in Ukraine's music domain and how musicians, music facilities, and authorities coped with the circumstances.

The results of this research should reveal the short and long-term effects of the war on Ukraine's music industry regarding staff, institutions, infrastructure, music education, sheet music repositories, legislation, regulations, outsourcing, music contests, and international cooperation.

  • musical education
  • present-day history
  • emigration
  • asylum
  • Ukrainian musicians abroad
  • evacuation of facilities
  • musical economy
  • lack of musicians
  • retraining of musicians
  • music during the war